Current Dutch mortgage interest rates 2021

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Are you looking for the lowest mortgage interest rate? Take a look below at the current mortgage interest rates so you can see the lowest rates available.

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Buy-to-let: 6 tips before starting

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Sezer Yilmaz Financial Specialists Mortgage advice for internationals¬† If you consider a buy-to-let property in the Netherlands, then you will notice that it works a bit differently compared to a…

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How to use mortgage equity or a bridging loan to buy a second home

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Do you have plans to sell your current home and buy a new home? First, you need to decide whether you want to sell your existing home and move into…

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Real estate agent vs. mortgage broker: What is the difference?

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“Can you help us finding a home?” – one of the most popular questions to mortgage advisors. Mortgage brokers have different responsibilities as opposed to real estate agents. Both help…

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Mortgage, separation, and divorce

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Who takes over a mortgage after divorce or separation? Arranging a divorce takes a great deal of planning, especially if you own a house with a mortgage. The first step…

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How to buy a property over a million in the Netherlands

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The number of neighborhoods with average property values of more than one million euros has increased dramatically over the last few years. Properties worth more than a million euros are…

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How to buy a house or flat in the Netherlands 2021

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How to win a bid in the Dutch housing market?

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Changes to mortgage rules in 2021

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Renting your home without a permission

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The Financial Services Disputes Committee handled a case concerning a consumer who was letting his property without permission from his Bank.

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