Mortgage process

What are the steps that we need to take together in the process of applying for a mortgage?

informal meeting about mortgages for expats

Determine Possibilities

You inform us about your personal situation and finances so we can determine your possibilities (mortgage estimate).

Based on the outcome we will invite you for a personal meeting where we lay down a foundation for the entire process together.


It’s advisable to get help from a realtor. The realtor negotiates, assists with the legal documentation and looks for technical issues. We can help you by recommending realtors. The realtor will guide you through the process of buying your dream home.

It’s time to apply for your mortgage after finding your home. We assist you in finding a notary, an appraiser, and a contractor if wanted.

How to buy a house for expats
Tailor-made mortage for expats

Tailor-made Mortgage

You inform us about your wishes and your goals. You receive an analysis of your financial situation so we can discuss the findings.

These findings ensure that we can advise a tailor-made mortgage and coverage.

Securing Mortgage

After making a decision about the mortgage we make sure that your new mortgage gets secured by the lender. During this process, we make sure that there is a valuation report, a bank guarantee, insurances and checking accounts.

All you need to do is read the offer and sign it.

Transferring ownership

On the closing date, you go to your new home one more time before signing the final documents at the notary.
You should check whether the home has been left by the seller as agreed. If this is the case: run to the notary and receive the keys to your new home. Congratulations!

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