27 October 2023
NHG mortgage in 2024
Robin Uijtdehaage
Client Director & Financial Specialist

The NHG limit will increase to €435,000 in 2024.

Currently, NHG is applicable when purchasing a home with a maximum value of €405,000. However, starting January 1, 2024, this limit will be raised to €435,000.

If a mortgage includes financing additional energy-saving features, the NHG limit is extended by 6%, reaching €461,100. This expansion broadens NHG's accessibility, ensuring that a mortgage with NHG remains within reach for many prospective homebuyers. The commission required when obtaining an NHG-backed mortgage will continue to be 0.6% of the mortgage amount in the coming year.

How does the NHG work?

The "Nationale Hypotheek Garantie" (NHG) is a government-administered program in the Netherlands that protects home loans. This protection offers a safety net for consumers who may face difficulties making mortgage payments due to circumstances like the death of a partner, divorce, unemployment, or disability. In such cases, NHG will cover any remaining debt if the consumer is compelled to sell their property.

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