4 January 2023
What are the benefits and risks of buy to let?
Egle Kemezyte
Growth Marketer

One of the most popular questions our mortgage advisors get asked is: Are buy-to-let mortgages worth the investment? Like any other investment, investing in the real estate market has benefits and risks.

What are the benefits of buy to let mortgage?

  • Rental income: if you can find reliable tenants, a buy-to-let property can generate a steady stream of rental income. This can help you to cover the mortgage payments and create a profit.

  • Build equity: if the property's value increases over time, you may be able to sell it for a profit. This can provide a financial benefit in addition to the rental income.

  • Investment portfolio: buying a buy-to-let property can diversify your investments and reduce risk. Besides, you have greater control over your investment than most pension funds.

  • Property portfolio: you can expand your property portfolio in the future.

What are the risks of buy-to-let mortgages?

  • Vacancy risk: if you cannot find tenants, your property may stay empty, so you will not receive any rental income to cover your mortgage payments.

  • Accept the risk of having a tenant who damages your property or does not pay rent promptly.

  • Maintenance and repair costs: as a property owner, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing the property, which can be costly.

  • Risk of tenant damage: even if you carefully screen your tenants, there is always a risk that they may damage your property. This could result in costly repairs.

  • Interest rate risk: if interest rates rise, your mortgage payments may become more expensive, which could make it more difficult to cover your costs.

  • Legal risk: as a landlord, you are responsible for complying with various laws and regulations, such as health and safety standards and fair housing laws. If you fail to do so, you may face legal consequences.

  • Changes in the local market: if the market changes and property values decline, you could end up with a property worth less than the amount you owe on your mortgage.

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