Maximum mortgage amount

Properties over a million have become more and more popular in the Netherlands. The application process and requirements are different for a high-risk mortgage. A principal amount varies per mortgage lender.

For example, if the property is worth more than € 1.000.000, the lender could finance between 80-90% of the market value.  Besides, not all lenders offer loans over € 750.000.

What salary and how much savings do you need to buy a home in the Netherlands?

Asking price: € 1.075.000

  • Salary needed: € 192.500

  • Monthly payments: € 4.571

  • Cash needed: € 31.560

Asking price: € 1.500.000

  • Salary needed: € 270.000

  • Monthly payments: € 6.421

  • Cash needed: € 39.940

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Approving a higher mortgage takes longer than a regular mortgage due to additional risk factors. Factors such as savings, investments, and additional properties add steps to the mortgage application process. On average, mortgage applications over a million can take 4 to 6 weeks.

Many lenders assess high-risk mortgage applications separately, involving a credit committee or top risk management team. To secure a mortgage over a million, demonstrating affordability is crucial.

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