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Mister Mortgage offers specialized financial advice for professionals and entrepreneurs.

How it works

Determine Possibilities

We determine your financial possibilities to buy a home in the Netherlands.


The next step for you is to find your new house. We can refer you to a realtor.

Tailor-made Mortgage

We compare more than 40 mortgages to find a match based on your wishes.

Securing Mortgage

We secure your mortgage at the lender and make sure that you can buy your home.

Transferring Ownership

You only have to show up at the notary and receive the keys to your new home. Congratulations!

Most recent figures of Dutch housing market according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Dedicated and flexible service

We will manage your application, from your first inquiry to completion.

What you get

Tailor-made mortage for expats

Dedicated Mortgage Specialist

Your mortgage specialist will guide and support you through the whole process while making it as seamless as possible.

informal meeting about mortgages for expats

Tailored Mortgage Solution

Everything we do is built around you and finding the best solution for your unique situation as a professional or entrepreneur in the Netherlands.

Buying a house in the Netherlands

Comprehensive Range

Whether you’re buying a home, looking to refinance or invest, our comprehensive range of mortgages offers the flexibility to help you meet your goals.

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Overview of mortgage rules 2018

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It’s hard to make the right decision for your mortgage with so many different rules out there. Therefore, an overview of the mortgage rules in 2018.

Overview of Dutch mortgage forms

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Do you wonder how you should pick the right amortization for your mortgage? Learn more by reading this blog.

Mortgage application documents

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What documents do you need when applying for a mortgage? Have these documents ready before you apply for a mortgage and it saves you a lot of stress.

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