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We arrange your Dutch mortgage. We support you through the whole home buying process from start to end.

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We offer our services in English and have translations of the documents that need to be signed.

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We work with 35 selected Dutch mortgage lenders. We find the solution that best suits your unique situation.

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We have extensive knowledge of the Dutch mortgage market. We challenge your decisions and explain the numbers behind your choices.

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We want to learn more about you and your financial goals during a 15-minute intake call. Tell us about your plans and the financial advice you look to get.

We arrange an (e-)meeting to discuss your mortgage options and the process of buying a home in the Netherlands. You receive an overview of the closing fees, affordable mortgage, and various mortgage types and forms.

It’s time to start searching for your dream house in the Netherlands. As a Mister Mortgage customer, you get access to our trusted network of real estate agents, notaries, appraisers, tax advisors.

Did you find your dream home? Let us know. We update your mortgage overview, the closing fees, and the mortgage rates. We start preparing and arranging your documents for the mortgage application.

Based on your goals and your documents, we advise the mortgage that fits your goals. You receive a financial report to gain insights into the impact on your (future) finances. We apply for the financial products on your behalf.

You receive the keys to your new home as soon as you sign the final documents at the notary. It’s time to pop the champagne bottle and celebrate.

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