3 January 2023
Basic mortgage requirements in the Netherlands
Özkan Karakol
Financial Specialist

To get a Dutch mortgage, you must have a BSN number. Are you planning to move to the Netherlands and do not have a BSN yet? We can calculate your mortgage estimate to check how much you can borrow without a BSN number.

Documents required to get a mortgage

1. Copy of passport.
2. Resident permit (if applicable).
3. Recent salary slip.
4. Contract of employment.
5.  Confirmation letter of 30% ruling (if applicable).
6. Overview of assets/savings.
7. Overview of credits/loans.

Can I get a Dutch mortgage if I'm temporarily employed?

Yes. You can get a mortgage if you have temporary employment. You can get a mortgage in the Netherlands if you're temporarily employed. To get a mortgage, you will be required to show a declaration of intent. In other words, your employee must have the intention to further your employment as soon as your temporary contract expires. Besides, you must provide a list of mortgage application documents.

Do I qualify for a mortgage in the Netherlands if I'm permanently employed?

Yes. You can get a mortgage if you're permanently employed.

One of the requirements to get a mortgage in the Netherlands in a more quick way is a permanent contract. If you have a permanent agreement, your mortgage application process will be more rapid. The additional documents required when getting a mortgage in the Netherlands are:

1.your proof of income, proof of savings/assets
2. proof of debts/financial obligations
3. documents about the property

Can I get a mortgage if I'm a freelancer?

Yes. You can get a mortgage if you're a freelancer. The same rules apply to freelancers as self-employed internationals in the Netherlands. To get a mortgage as a freelancer, you must show the details of your earnings and paid taxes from the last twelve months. We work with different mortgage lenders in Amsterdam, so we can always find the best solution for you. Are you a freelancer? Tell us about your situation, and we will provide a matching solution.

I'm an E.U. citizen. Can I buy a house in the Netherlands?

Yes. E.U. citizens are eligible to apply for a mortgage in the Netherlands.

Banks need your BSN, show your contract of employment, proof of income and savings, and debts. The additional mortgage requirements depend on the mortgage lender in the Netherlands. Contact us for more information.

Can U.S. citizens buy property in Amsterdam?

Yes. U.S. citizens are eligible to apply for a mortgage in the Netherlands.

The U.S. or non-European Union passport holders can get a mortgage in the Netherlands, yet they need to prove their residency in The Netherlands. Non-EU citizens are subject to almost the same rules as E.U. citizens. You can check the list of required documents here.

Are Ph.D. students/academics able to get a mortgage on their house in the Netherlands?

Yes. PHD professionals can apply for a mortgage in the Netherlands.

PhD students/academics can buy a house in the Netherlands and finance their homes with a mortgage. Check the list of documents required to get a mortgage in Amsterdam here.

Can a foreigner buy a house in the Netherlands?

Yes.  Non-residents can get a mortgage in the Netherlands.

The citizens from non-Eu countries have similar requirements for a mortgage in the Netherlands. You must have a BSN number and prove your residency in the Netherlands. If you are living abroad and planning to purchase a property, schedule a call with us to explore your possibilities in the Netherlands.

I'm changing jobs in the Netherlands. Can I  secure a mortgage?

Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage; however, your new employer must provide a letter of consent to retain you after the probation period.

If you decide on a new job, it is safest to apply for a mortgage based on your new job after the probationary period ends to minimize risk. If you have already resigned from your current job but are not in a hurry, we recommend waiting until after the probation period before applying for a new mortgage.

Can I get a mortgage if I'm unemployed?

Your chances of mortgage approval are very low when you are unemployed because banks prioritize ensuring a high level of certainty that you can meet your monthly financial obligations.

Do people with personal loans can qualify for a mortgage?

Yes, you can still get a mortgage with a personal loan; however, the financial obligations of your loans will be considered when calculating the maximum mortgage. To maximize your mortgage, paying off your loan before applying for a mortgage is best.

Is it possible to get a mortgage with a low income?

There is no lowest limitation for income to apply for a mortgage. The amount on the interest rate at that moment can vary per mortgage lender. They typically conduct a thorough affordability assessment to determine your qualifications.

  • A large deposit

  • Extra sources of income

  • High credit score

  • Living expenses

  • Opt for a more budget-friendly property.

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