Tailor-made mortgage solutions for entrepreneurs

Are you finding it challenging to secure a mortgage of the size you require as an entrepreneur due to the complexities of wealth and income streams? We are here to guide you and provide customized mortgage solutions for your unique financial needs. Start by taking the first step: book a call with our mortgage specialist to discuss your options and submit a few documents.

Mortgage requirements for entrepreneurs
  • What method does the bank use to determine an entrepreneur's income? Your mortgage options are influenced by both the amount and trend of your profit, with the bank considering factors such as your salary and the average profit over the last three years.

  • Is it possible for a newly established entrepreneur to obtain a mortgage? Since you might not have data for the previous three calendar years as a beginner, providing a business forecast and solid application justification becomes crucial.

  • Which documents are required for a mortgage application? Required documents typically include a passport copy, an organization chart, Chamber of Commerce registration extract, financial figures for the past three years when available, income tax return copies for the past three years, and, if possible, your current private capital position, financial forecast, and income statement.

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