Advantages of purchasing a newly built in the Netherlands
  • The price is fixed.

  • No lottery system ( if applicable)

  • You have the advantage of customizing the layout and interior.

  • Energy efficient.

  • Lower closing and tax-deductible fees.

  • Law maintenance.

  • Free rental market.

For example

Suppose you are planning to buy a newly built property. Here, we provide an example comparing the savings needed to cover closing fees for an existing property versus a newly built property. As you can see, you need less savings for a newly built property because you don't need to pay a transfer tax when purchasing a new property.

  • Existing property: € 435.000

  • Closing fees: € 20.639

  • Newly-built property: € 435.000

  • Closing fees: €4.299

What are the costs of buying a newly built home?
  • Additional work, such as a custom kitchen or extra electrical sockets, can be carried out during the construction of your house on top of the standard delivery.

  • Mister Mortgage advisory fee includes mortgage application management from start to end.

  • Mortgage deed at the notary: € 900.

  • NHG deposit (if applicable): 0,6% of the mortgage (max. value € 405.000)

Simple and smooth mortgage process for newly built properties

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