Should I buy or rent a property in the Netherlands?

When moving to the Netherlands, deciding whether you will rent or buy a house is essential.

Reversed mortgage calculation

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Benefits of buying 

1. Buying is a cheaper solution in the long term.
2. You build equity when owning a home.
3. Your monthly costs are lower than renting.

Benefits of renting

1. Flexibility to leave.
2. No maintenance costs.
3. Short term solution.

Many internationals also want to know if it is a good time to buy a home?

Yet, the most important to understand your needs and preferences. A vast majority of the internationals who come to Amsterdam for work or study are keener to rent. In contrast, professionals who have been living in the Netherlands for a long time are more open to getting a mortgage. If you have doubts, we recommend you check the simple comparison tool below.

Do you want to buy a property in the Netherlands?
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