What is a renovation mortgage?

A renovation mortgage in the Netherlands offers homeowners a flexible solution for financing various home improvement projects, from updating bathrooms and kitchens to enhancing energy efficiency or adjusting for independent living. By integrating renovation financing with your home purchase or refinance, you can effectively address your housing needs.

To renovate your home, you can increase your existing mortgage, obtain a second renovation mortgage, refinance, or consider a construction deposit. Our mortgage specialists find the best-tailored financial solution.

Mortgage options for renovations
  • Increase mortgage: do you have increased mortgage registration? Then, your mortgage provider calculates the maximum amount you can borrow. To ensure you can afford the additional monthly mortgage payments, your lender reviews your current income and the current value of your home.

  • Get a second mortgage: if you don't have an increased mortgage registration, you can often still increase your mortgage under established conditions, such as your income and the value of your home.

  • Refinance: do you have a mortgage with a high-interest rate, like 3 or 4%? If so, it could be advantageous to refinance your mortgage and fund your renovations together. With today's low mortgage rates, your monthly expenses might still decrease even after considering costs like penalty interest.

Are you looking to renovate or make your home more sustainable?

Schedule a free call with our  mortgage specialists

  • We check eligibility for a sustainability discount.

  • We provide advice on which option best suits your situation: increasing your mortgage, getting a second mortgage, or refinancing.

  • We guide you through the entire mortgage process.

  • English translations of bank documents are shared.

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