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General terms

The user of these general terms and conditions is Mister Mortgage. Mister Mortgage refers to the owner of the website under the mistermortagage.nl domain.

Mister Mortgage is a mortgage advisory and brokerage firm licensed by AFM under license # 12044754 and affiliated with Kifid under affiliation # 300.016586.

The CoC registration number is 67500161.

The business is located on Prinsengracht 679, 1017 JT Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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Intend of use

Our website, mistermortgage.nl, is only for individual use in different countries. The data, information, or other content (any additional information referred to as content) on the Mister Mortgage domain may not comply with legal requirements outside the Netherlands.

Content of liability

he content presented on mistermortgage.nl aims to explain how mortgages work in the Netherlands. Mister Mortgage is not liable for the timeliness, completeness, third party, or correctness of the content.

Only general information is available on the website, which is not tailored to users' situations.

In addition, Mister Mortgage does not warrant that you can use the online domain flawlessly or free of any malware.

Copy right and property rights 

The content presented on mistermortgage.nl is subject to copyright and property rights. Reproduction, content distribution, presentation, or other forms of exploitation are only permitted if this legal framework is followed.


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