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Mister Mortgage offers specialized financial advice and services for international professionals and entrepreneurs.

We want to help you by making the process of applying for a mortgage transparent, fast, and always in your best interest.

Robin Uijtdehaage
Commercial Director & Financial Specialist

Robin was born and raised in Amsterdam and loves the diversity of what this city has to offer. He believes that everybody has their story and different goals for the future. Nobody is the same.

His mission is to help you get a tailor-made financial construction for your dream home. In his spare time, he likes to go swimming and go to concerts.

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Sezer Yilmaz
Managing Director & Financial Specialist

Sezer started working at an international bank as a financial specialist in 2011 and wanted to start Mister Mortgage to help people buy a home. He loves giving clients insight into their financial situation.

He feels responsible for your best interest when helping you. In his spare time, he likes to go boxing and to go to the theatre.

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Your home is an essential part of your daily life.

Buying a house comes with many complex decisions.
How often does it occur that you are buying your dream home? Applying for a mortgage means that you will deal with finances, taxes, laws, regulations, and your emotions.

Mister Mortgage helps you to make fully-informed decisions.

Most recent figures of Dutch housing market according to Statistics Netherlands (CBS)

Having a financial plan when buying a house will help you make better strategic financial decisions.

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