What is your income situation?

Here, it is important to understand the existing differences between foreign income and foreign currency. For example, if you live in France, Belgium, or, let's say, Germany and your salary is paid in EUR, there is no issue getting a mortgage in the Netherlands if you meet other requirements.

Obtaining a mortgage when you are paid in USD or GBP is possible but requires additional checks due to currency exchange risks. Our team is ready to assist you, using our experience to navigate these challenges and secure the mortgage you need.

What's the borrowing limit for expats with foreign income in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, you can finance up to 100% of the loan-to-value ratio. Our mortgage specialists always consider your personal situation and the currency you are paid in.

We collaborate with over 35+ Dutch mortgage lenders, offering various interest rates, terms, and lending conditions. Schedule a complimentary introductory call with our team to explore your unique situation. Share details about your current salary, and we will tailor a solution for you.

Are you seeking a mortgage with foreign income?

Schedule a free introduction call with us. Our dedicated team manages your mortgage application from start to end, and we handle all communication and paperwork with banks.

  • Access to a trusted network.

  • Highly competitive rates and flexible terms.

  • Guidance through the entire mortgage process.

  • English translations of bank documents are shared.

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