Know your budget

The most crucial step in your home buying journey is your budget.

The maximum mortgage amount you can finance is 100% in the Netherlands.

Scenario 1: if you plan to purchase a property appraised at € 500,000, and your loan-to-income is € 450,000, then the bank borrows you € 450,000. The amount of € 50,000 should come from your savings.

Scenario 2: if you plan to purchase a property appraised at € 500,000, with a loan-to-income of € 550,000, the bank borrows you € 500,000.

What salary and how much savings do you need to buy a home in the Netherlands?

Asking price: € 385.000

  • Closing fees: € 19.300

  • Monthly payments: € 1.524

  • Salary needed: € 72.000 ( alone or together )

Asking price: € 450.000

  • Closing fees: € 21.575

  • Monthly payments: € 1.781

  • Salary needed: € 81.000  (alone or together)

Asking price: € 675.000

  • Closing fees: € 29.450

  • Monthly payments: € 2.671

  • Salary needed: € 117.000 ( alone or together)

Mortgage calculators

Mortgage calculators are not accurate enough to determine your maximum mortgage. Holiday payments, bonuses, and business stock can impact your maximum mortgage.

Mister Mortgage offers a full mortgage report.  First, we arrange a 10-minute call to learn more about your goals. We ask you to upload documents to our online portal.  You receive a fully customized mortgage report which includes your maximum mortgage, monthly payments, closing fees, and tax-deductible fees.

What’s next? Now you are ready to search for your dream home.

Start your home buying journey today

    We compare 30+ mortgage rates


    Guidance through the entire mortgage process


    Personalized mortgage report


    English translations of bank documents

Your homebuying journey with Mister Mortgage

During the 10-minute call, we discuss your eligibility and answer your questions. We invite you to our online mortgage portal if you choose to work together.

10-minute intake call.

We set up a mortgage overview based on the uploaded documents. During the next call, we discuss your mortgage report including your monthly payments, closing fees, and tax-deductible fees.

45-minutes analysis

Time to start looking for a dream home. Feel free to contact us when you find a property. We update your online mortgage report accordingly.

House hunting

Congratulations! Contact the Mister Mortgage team to start the mortgage application process as soon as your bid is accepted.


It's time to collect documents for the mortgage application. We arrange a meeting to discuss possible mortgage lenders before we submit your application.

30-minute call

We select the best mortgage lender and manage all required communication with your mortgage lender.

Mortgage application

When your mortgage is approved, it is time to sign a mortgage agreement. We apply for a binding offer as well as a bank guarantee.

Mortgage approval

We arrange the final meeting to discuss insurances and future scenarios, including disability, unemployment, retirement, and passing away.

Future financial analysis

Your notary sends you a statement of completion with closing fees. In the Netherlands, you pay closing fees the day you visit the notary.

Closing fees

Visit the property before you sign a transfer of ownership at the notary's office. Has the property benefit as promised?

Transfer date

Time to receive your keys and celebrate, you became a homeowner in the Netherlands.

Collect your keys

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