20 November 2023
Financial Advisors in the Netherlands
Egle Kemezyte
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Who are financial advisors? A financial advisor is a professional in investment matters who assists you in developing and executing a tailored plan to achieve your financial goals.

Their guidance covers a range of purposes, such as college planning, investment, retirement, and beyond.

Are financial advisors and mortgage advisors the same?

While financial advisors and mortgage advisors serve distinct roles, expats in the Netherlands frequently interchange the terms, referring to mortgage brokers as financial advisors.

  • Mortgage brokers are essential for guiding you through home-buying, offering expertise and clarification. With a diverse range of products and unbiased advice, they streamline the application, often accelerating turnaround times and facilitating communication with conveyancers and real estate agents.

  • Financial advisers fulfil a range of responsibilities, including explaining market conditions and investment options, identifying clients' goals, and devising long-term investment strategies. They also engage in tax planning, assess various aspects of clients' financial lives, explore new investment options, and provide regular updates on monitored accounts.

Who pays financial advisors?

Mortgage and financial advisors work independently, receiving direct payment from their clients.

Is it worth paying for a mortgage advisor?

Getting a mortgage advisor is crucial when you're trying to figure out how to buy a home. They know a lot about this stuff and can help you make smart choices based on your money situation. Having a mortgage advisor means you get someone to guide you personally, and it could save you time and money while going through the complicated process of getting a mortgage.

  • They are experts with negotiation skills and in-depth knowledge of the mortgage market, lending products, terms and interest rates.

  • They save you valuable time by taking care of your financial report, paperwork, and the entire mortgage application process. As a customer, you only need to stay informed about progress through regular meetings.

  • They scrutinize your financial situation and find you the most suitable mortgage type with the best interest rates and conditions.

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