27 March 2023
How to buy a home after divorce?
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Divorce can be a challenging and stressful experience, and starting a new chapter in your life can also seem overwhelming. Before we discuss how to get a new home, we should look at how to deal with the existing property. If you and your ex-partner owned a home with a mortgage, there are usually three scenarios to consider:

  • Sell the property and pay off the mortgage debt to the bank. If you choose this route, you would need to divide any remaining debt or profits from the sale with your former partner.

  • Take over the house and the mortgage. You must buy out your ex-partner if you wish to take over the house and the mortgage. The deeds will be drawn to relieve the departing ex-partner from liabilities and ownership. Then you can take over the home with your own money or other assets. If you have sufficient income, you can also do this by increasing your mortgage.

  • You can continue with a joint mortgage and take on full responsibility for making the payments and, for example, renting out the property. Alternatively, you can decide to maintain joint ownership of the property and continue making mortgage payments together. This has a lot of implications, though.

This blog article discusses steps to buy a home after a divorce. Buying a new home after a divorce is similar to any common home-buying process; the main difference is that you must re-evaluate your financial situation before taking action.

Finalize legal advice

First and foremost, you may need to finalize your legal matters before buying a home, depending on the terms of your divorce settlement. Your legal obligations and financial situation can influence your eligibility for a loan to value.

Assess your financial situation

The next step is to re-assess your financial situation. If you plan to purchase a house alone, you might qualify for a lower loan than when you were married. However, if you receive alimony, these payments can be included in your income calculation. For more information about your financial situation, contact our mortgage specialists.

Housing needs

After divorce, you need to think about housing needs. How many bedrooms do you have? Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that best suit your needs and whether you require a backyard or garage. Do you have a preference for living in a particular neighborhood or city?

By identifying your specific housing requirements, you can streamline your search and increase your chances of finding a well-suited home for your next life phase.

Search for a new home

After looking over your budget and needs, time to take action and find the right place. Even though you might already be familiar with the process, working with a reputable real estate agent is still recommended. They can make the process less stressful, assist you in assessing technical or legal issues, and accept the right offer.

Make an offer and visit a notary

After finding the right place, proceed with the house offer. As soon as your bid is accepted, the next step is to arrange a mortgage. When your mortgage is approved, it is time to visit a notary, pay the closing fees, and close the deal. Buying a home after a divorce requires careful consideration and preparation. Take your time, seek professional guidance, and evaluate your financial situation before investing. The mortgage specialists at Mister Mortgage are happy to assist you during this process.

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