20 February 2023
Porting a mortgage: how does it work?
Egle Kemezyte
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How do you move to a bigger property while keeping your interest rate? When buying a second home, there are more factors to consider than with your first home, such as your existing mortgage type, interest rate, and provider.

The question often arises:   what should I do with my mortgage?" One of the options is to keep your current interest and conditions.  The article discusses the possible options for porting a mortgage in the Netherlands.

Mortgage porting - what is it? 

The process of moving your mortgage to another property is called porting. Mortgage porting means transferring your mortgage to a new property. Moving your current mortgage to a new property can be cost-effective since you don't need to pay exit fees or early repayment charges. With mortgage interest rates increasing by 2 % or 2.5 % in the last year, porting your low interest rate can save you money.

How does porting a mortgage work? 

Porting a mortgage involves transferring the terms of your current mortgage to a new property. This includes maintaining the same interest rate, fixed-rate period, and fees. However, some lenders may allow for modification of the mortgage terms, such as extending the duration or changing from a joint to an individual mortgage. While many lenders advertise the option of mortgage porting, it's important to note that it's not a guarantee, and the lender has the right to reject a request to port the mortgage loan.

Pros and cons of porting a mortgage


  • Favorable interest rates and conditions.

  • Lower monthly payments assuming interest rates have increased.

  • No penalty.


  • There's a short time to complete the process.

  • You need to be lucky to find a new property in time.

  • Sometimes, you'll miss out on better rates and conditions.

Can I port my mortgage? 

A few factors can influence the lender's decision to allow you to port a mortgage.

1. If your mortgage lender allows you to port your mortgage:

  • If your current home was eligible for an NHG mortgage and the new home is not eligible for a mortgage with NHG.

  • Sometimes, lenders do not permit changing the mortgage type, duration, or other conditions.

  • Any discounts on the rate related to the current home cannot always be transferred.

2. Your financial circumstances:

  • You should be eligible for the new financing.

What If my current mortgage is not enough to cover a new mortgage? 

If you buy a home that requires a larger mortgage than you currently have, your lender may allow you to blend and extend a ported mortgage. There is no penalty to pay because you are not breaking your initial mortgage.

How does porting my mortgage impact my situation if I move to a cheaper property? 

When you port your mortgage to a less expensive home, some lenders can allow you to make prepayments to reduce your mortgage balance. Many lenders permit porting to a cheaper property and won't impose any penalties if your mortgage falls within the prepayment privilege limit.

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