Let us evaluate your financial situation

To secure a bid, it is necessary to afford the property being considered for purchase. The initial step involves assessing your financial situation, for which we request several documents (for example, your employment contract, assets, savings, and financial obligations) to determine an affordable mortgage. Each of these variables plays a crucial role in calculating your mortgage.

Mortgage certificate

Once the mortgage specialist has assessed your financial situation, we sign a letter certifying that you can afford a mortgage of a certain amount. Sharing the mortgage certificate with your bid can increase your chances of securing the offer, as the seller will be assured of your ability to afford the mortgage.

Get your bid accepted by requesting a mortgage certificate!
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    Affordability of Mortgage

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    Closing fees

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    Mortgage certificate updated per property

Meet the team
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Founder & Financial Specialist
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Growth Marketer
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Client Director & Financial Specialist
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Financial Specialist