Our story begins
Sezer Yilmaz

Sezer Yilmaz founded Mister Mortgage in 2017. As the child of first-generation Turkish immigrants who settled in the Netherlands over 50 years ago, Sezer witnessed his parents' challenges navigating the Dutch financial system. Inspired by their journey, he was determined to provide additional support and empower expats like his parents to make well-informed mortgage decisions and settle down more easily.

Robin Uijtdehaage
Client Director & Financial Specialist

Robin joined Mister Mortgage later in 2017. Together with Sezer, they worked at one of the biggest Dutch banks and recognised the need for a more comprehensive approach to assisting expats. Their goal was simple yet profound—to create a mortgage company that would go above and beyond the traditional services offered in the industry. They envisioned a company that would take the time to truly understand their client's unique goals, dreams, and aspirations.

Egle Kemezyte
Growth Marketer

Egle became part of the Mister Mortgage team in 2020. Being new to the mortgage business, Egle had the opportunity to delve into the industry and address any housing market inquiries expats might have. At Mister Mortgage, we recognized that purchasing a home is not just about numbers and paperwork; it's about building a foundation for a better life. We understood that their clients weren't merely buying a property but investing in their future, their family's well-being, and their personal growth.

Lisa Grondsma
Financial Specialist

In October 2023, we welcomed Lisa to the Mister Mortgage family. Before her journey with us, she served as a financial advisor at one of the Netherlands' largest banks. While working in her previous role, Lisa discovered her yearning for a more personalized approach and an opportunity to assist international clients. This realization drew her to Mister Mortgage, where she could satisfy her desire for tailored support. Lisa is passionate about simplifying complex mortgage information and transforming it into clear, user-friendly advice for her clients.

We have succeeded with employees from

Mister Mortgage managed to achieve a 99% success rate in 2022.

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