25 April 2022
Trending cities in the Netherlands
Egle Kemezyte
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Amsterdam is not the only option for a great living experience in the Netherlands. More and more people prefer to live right outside of the capital or in cities all around the Netherlands. The Dutch housing market can still be quite tricky, no matter which of the bigger cities you're looking to buy in.

Thus, we will cover cities but also surrounding areas that can increase your chance of getting the property of your dreams. With good train or road connections in the Netherlands, living in a city or village different from where you work is not a problem.

Advantages of living beyond Amsterdam:

  • Fewer crowds & tourists

  • Family atmosphere

  • Larger & newer properties for lower prices

  • More likely to win a bid when buying a property


A small city in population, but don't worry, you won't be bored. Leiden is famous for its university is buzzing with student life, making it a great place for internationals. Full of museums, activities, and restaurants, it is also a good option for families with children. Additionally, it has a good location if you need to commute to other cities.

Den Haag/The Hague

Some might say that  The Hague has it all: modern buildings, its own forest, and a 20-minute tram ride to the beach from the city centre. Quite a few international organizations, the seat of the Dutch government, and many embassies reside in The Hague, which ensures a versatile international community of people from all around the world. The Hague is very desirable in the housing market, so the competition is high. However, it is still better than Amsterdam or Utrecht.Alternatives & areas close to The Hague:
1. Rijswijk
2. Delft
3. Zoetermeer


A higher quality of life combined with a lower cost of living than in Amsterdam can be two sufficient reasons for choosing Eindhoven. Almost everyone there speaks English, making it a convenient city for expats. An airport close to the city also makes it accessible to any major European destinations. If you're relocating from within Europe, it will never be too far to visit your home country.


The biggest port in Europe and modern architecture are probably what most people imagine when hearing about Rotterdam. Do not expect a historical city, as it was bombed in WWII and rebuilt after to its contemporary clean look. The port brings a variety of employment options as well as an international community of people living there. Alternatives & areas close to Rotterdam:
1.  Schiedam
2. Vlaardingen
3. Maassluis

Often compared to Amsterdam, with canals, bridges, and beautiful historical buildings... but without all the tourists! It is known for its broad selection of cultural events and only a 20-minute train ride to Amsterdam. Its central location in the Netherlands makes it a perfect solution for families with members working in different cities, making it easy to commute. Alternatives & areas close to Utrecht:
1. Nieuwegein
2. IJsselstein
3. Lopik


Tilburg is outside of the most known city area (the Randstad), but it is a place worth considering. Currently, it is a start-up and logistics centre with a quieter atmosphere. Compared to the cities above, you can get a lot more from the housing market for your money than in the cities mentioned above.

Close to Amsterdam

Do you want to be to be close to Amsterdam? Here are some other places to explore:  Hilversum, Haarlem, Broek in Waterland, Almere, Weesp, Amstelveen, Purmerend, Amersfoort or Apeldoorn.

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