2 January 2023
ABC: viewing a property in the Netherlands
Egle Kemezyte
Growth Marketer

Learn more about where you should pay attention when attending viewings in the Netherlands.

A- absolute must-haves

Even though many real-estate websites offer a choice of filters, making a list of wishes is recommended. In that manner, the house won't just attract you with its appealing staging.

Think about:

  • The space requirements as well as the exterior. Do you prefer to live in a flat or a house?

  • A balcony or a garden can be a factor that will make or break a deal.

  • Think about the property layout and position. For example, a south-facing garden receives much sunlight, an east-facing property receives morning sun, and a west-facing garden receives afternoon and early evening sun. Use the tool to check the position of the property in the Netherlands.

  • Consider the neighborhood and its specific facilities when composing a list for house hunting. These include schools, supermarkets, and transport infrastructure. Use the tool to check neighborhoods in Amsterdam.

  • Do you want to live in the city center or trade for a better price right outside?

B- better call a real-estate agent

In the Netherlands, a real estate agent is NOT required to win a bid. However, a property agent looks out for your best interests and helps you craft an offer that the seller will accept. Most of the time, your agents organize and attend house viewings. Your agent provides you with information about a property's condition and assists you in making a fair and competitive bid on a property.

C- check for defects and foundations

A seller's real estate agent is legally obligated to share the information with you. Ask your real estate agent about the quality of the building foundations, window insulation, and construction materials. When you buy a house, find out if you own land or if you have to pay for a ground lease.

D- dream big but with a budget in mind

Do you see potential in a property, but it is not quite how you imagined it? Be creative, but consider if all the necessary changes are possible in the property. Are there any uncovered wires or pipes you want to hide? Is there asbestos, mold, or contaminated soil? Will all the furniture and appliances stay as you see them during the viewing?

A helpful step is to come up with an estimation of costs for reconstructing right away. Before you make a bid on a house, figure out how much you can afford to finance. It's critical to understand your finances and your options for increasing your mortgage to fund renovations.

E- energy label

Just as appliances for your bathroom or kitchen, properties also have energy labels. Likewise, A is the most efficient, and G is the least efficient energy label in the household. If you plan to take a mortgage, A label can benefit the amount since some mortgage lenders offer a discounted fee to make you more sustainable.

F- fees for the owners' association

Do not forget about the owners' association if you plan on buying a flat or an apartment. You will have to pay service costs for them to take care of the common spaces every month. Fees for homeowner associations vary between €50 to €200 per month.

G- good to know

When looking at a property, check how long the listing has been up and how many others are interested. Do not schedule too many viewing for the same day. Make it easier for yourself to remember the feeling each property gave you. Keep detailed notes that will remind you what was special about each viewing.

We know this is a lot to take in, but we are here to help along the financial part of your journey. Before looking for a property, knowing how much you can borrow exactly is highly recommended.

Contact the Mister Mortgage team to find your mortgage possibilities in the Netherlands. Together with your real estate agent, we will take the characteristics of the property and your income into account.

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