1. Schedule a free call to ask your mortgage questions

How can we help you to make the next step? Our mortgage experts listen to your situation and guide you in your home-buying journey. Whether you buy your first or second home, or if you are looking to refinance your current mortgage, or invest in Dutch real estate.

2. Submit your documents to determine your options

Maximize the potential of your first meeting with us!  Upload some documents for our mortgage specialists to review, giving them a deeper understanding of your financial situation. If you don't feel like sharing your documents, no problem; our advisors look forward to speaking with you.

3. The next step is your financial analysis. We take a deeper dive into your numbers!

Your mortgage report includes all of the information needed to take the next step with your mortgage. Your mortgage advisor will give you insight into everything from your maximum mortgage and monthly payments to the closing fees. The report helps build a solid understanding of where you are in your financial journey and where you want to be next.

4. Mortgage application

Ready to move forward with your mortgage? Our mortgage specialist guides you through the process, starting with preparing the necessary documents for your mortgage application. We advise you on a mortgage lender with an interest rate that matches your goals. With access to over +35 mortgage lenders, including 8 for buy-to-let, you can count on us to secure the best available rate in the market.

5. Relax and let us do the job

We track the progress of your mortgage application and handle any requirements from a mortgage lender.  For example, valuation report, bank guarantee, and insurances. After 5 to 10 business days, you can expect mortgage approval! Time to celebrate your purchase!

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