Reasons to refinance

When you refinance your home loan, you exchange the old mortgage for a newer one.  There are various reasons to refinance your existing mortgage.

  • Reduce monthly mortgage payments.

  • Switch interest type or rates.

  • Change residential mortgage to buy to let mortgage.

For example:

Current mortgage € 400.000 

  • Current interest rate: 3,25%

  • Save € 241 per month on interest

Current mortgage: € 600.000 

  • Current interest rate: 3,25%

  • Save € 315 per month on interest

Current mortgage: € 1000.000

  • Current interest rate: 3,25%

  • Save € 532 per month on interest

How does refinancing work in the Netherlands?

When you buy a home, you apply for a residential mortgage. You sign a mortgage act at the notary to close the deal between you and the mortgage lender. The mortgage deed contains a clause that regulates the terms and conditions of your loan. 

When you switch mortgage lenders, you break the agreement between you and the bank. Your mortgage lender could charge you a so-called penalty for breaking the contract before the fixed term ends. Mortgage refinancing requires you to go through the application process and meet the new loan requirements.

Why should I refinance my mortgage?

Schedule a call with our mortgage specialists to see if refinancing is the right choice for you.

  • Access to a trusted network

  • Highly competitive rates and flexible terms

  • Guidance through the entire mortgage process

  • English translations of bank documents are shared.

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