2 May 2023
Why buying a newly built at Hyde park is a great investment
Egle Kemezyte
Growth Marketer

When it comes to real estate investment, there are two basic options you can invest in; new construction or existing properties. In many cases, you purchase the existing property from the homeowners while the newly built one is from a developer.

We want to introduce and discuss the advantages of investing in newly built apartments at Hyde Park. Hyde Park offers an opportunity to invest in luxurious apartments near Amsterdam.

Investing in a newly built property brings significant advantages, including that there is typically no transfer tax. While regularly, you pay a 10.4% transfer fee in the Netherlands when buying an investment property. Fortunately, Hyde Park offers an incredible opportunity for investors to purchase an investment apartment with a 0% transfer tax. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of owning a newly built property without paying additional fees.

For example

Property Price Mortgage fees: Total
€ 500.000 Mortgage deed: € 1.000 Total mortgage: € 340.000
Appraisal: € 1.300 Closing fees: € 5.899
Mortgage advisory: € 3.500 Input from savings: € 165.899

Long term investment

Investing in newly built real estate has its benefits. As new properties and the surrounding area continue to develop at Hyde Park, the value of your property also increases. With strategic investments, the ROI possibilities can be significant.


Hyde park has a great connection with all the necessary parts of Amsterdam, whether you work in Amsterdam, you are a student, or have a family. Boasting a strategic location near Amsterdam, Schiphol, Leiden, and the coast, Hoofddorp offers easy access to major transportation hubs and thoroughfares, allowing you to reach your desired destinations quickly.

Low maintenance and warranty

Investing in a new construction property can have numerous benefits, including reduced maintenance and repair expenses. These properties are designed with modern materials and construction techniques, which can help minimize costly repairs and upkeep.

New construction rental properties offer another advantage: all appliances are brand new, and major systems have extended warranties. From electrical and plumbing to heating and A/C, as well as structural components, most major systems should be covered by extended warranties (though warranty lengths can vary).

Energy efficient

Hyde Park apartments incorporate energy-efficient features with the best energy label A+++ that can save homeowners money over time. You can exercise greater control over your desired energy-efficient aspects by purchasing one of these homes.

Investing in new construction homes can be an excellent strategy for investors seeking growth opportunities. Targeting new and emerging markets can accelerate your property's appreciation rate and quickly build equity.

More attractive for tenants

Investing in a new build property can be highly appealing to tenants due to its emphasis on sustainable living and lower monthly expenses. With modern decor, energy-efficient features, and pristine interiors, there are many reasons why a new home is a wise investment.

Rent is free

Hyde Park apartments fall in the private sector ( vrije sector), which means the rental amount is not regulated. In the Netherlands, the rental housing market is categorized into two types: social housing and private sector rentals, based on the features of the residence. If the rental value of a property does not surpass a certain threshold determined by those features, the rent is regulated, while rent prices above the threshold are not controlled.

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