26 July 2021
Real estate agent vs. mortgage broker: What is the difference?
Egle Kemezyte
Growth Marketer

“Can you help us finding a home?” – one of the most popular questions to mortgage advisors. Mortgage brokers have different responsibilities as opposed to real estate agents. Both help internationals to become homeowners in the Netherlands. However, they share different expertise.

A real estate agent

A real estate agent helps a client to purchase or sell a property.

1. A real estate agent can help you to find a property and attends viewing with you.
2. Investigates the market and enables to place a bid on a property.
3. Guides and supports through the home buying process.
4. Negotiates the final price, terms, and conditions.
5. Provides you insights and advice about building foundation, VVe, and the neighborhood.
6. Arranges written offer and closing deed.
7. Helps to arrange a technical inspection.

A mortgage broker

A mortgage broker supports clients in financing a property. Mortgage advisors represent the interest of a client by finding the best interest rate and arranging a mortgage.

1. A broker is a liaison between a mortgage lender and a bank.
2. Dutch mortgage advisors work with more than 30 mortgage lenders.
3. An independent mortgage broker compares mortgage rates and chooses the best fit for the client.
4. Submit documents and manage mortgage applications.
5. Handle communication with a bank on behalf of a client.

Low-interest rates and existing housing shortages make it difficult for homebuyers to purchase a property. If you cooperate with a real estate agent, you have a greater chance of getting the offer accepted. At the same time, a mortgage broker helps you to finances a property. Mortgage brokers work independently, while banks represent only themselves. Mortgage brokers have extensive knowledge about lenders and lender criteria. Choosing to work with a mortgage advisor rather than with a bank can save you time. If your mortgage is not accepted by one of the lenders, a mortgage broker can choose to work with a different mortgage lender.

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