What is a bridging loan?

A bridging mortgage is a short-term loan used to bridge the gap between selling your current property and purchasing a new one.

Some people prefer to sell their old home first, then use the equity to purchase their new property. However, there are situations when you want to buy first and sell later.

It is noteworthy that bridging loan rates are higher than a variable rates. Borrowers should, therefore, carefully consider whether a bridging loan is the best option for their needs. For more information, plan a free introduction call with our mortgage specialists.

How does a bridging loan work?
  • You want to buy a new home priced at € 400.000

  • The value of your current home is € 300.000

  • The current mortgage debt is € 200.000

  • New mortgage needed: € 330.000

  • The bridging loan needed is € 70.000

Is a bridging mortgage right for you?

Arrange a complimentary consultation with our team of mortgage experts to assess whether a bridging mortgage suits your needs. Our dedicated team manages your mortgage application from start to end, and we handle all communication and paperwork with banks.

  • Access to a trusted network.

  • Highly competitive rates and flexible terms.

  • Guidance through the entire mortgage process.

  • English translations of bank documents are shared.

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