12 October 2022
How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient?
Lisa Grondsma
Financial Specialist

A green/sustainable mortgage can save you on monthly bills, especially now. Making your home more sustainable can save you monthly costs, benefit the environment and improve the house's value.

How to make your home more sustainable? 

There are a few ways how can you finance making your home more sustainable:

Invest your savings

You can use your personal savings to renovate your home.

Apply for a second mortgage

If you have built up equity in your home, there is an option to apply for a second/new mortgage. This option requires you to pay mortgage closing fees, and you may have to revisit your notary. Some lenders offer sustainable mortgage products: ABN AMRO, ASN Bank, ASR, or Florius.

Increase your current mortgage

If you buy a new home, you can usually borrow a 100% loan to value. If you plan to invest in energy-saving facilities, your maximum loan-to-value is 106%.

Anything over 100% loan to value has to be used for the renovations to make your home more sustainable.

When borrowing the extra amount for home improvements, you have to specify the planned renovations as well as the associated costs in advance. The planned renovation budget will be put in a building deposit. After submitting the invoices and receipts for the renovation, they will be paid from this building deposit.

Please note: that not all lenders offer 106% loan to value.

For example:

If your house is worth €400.000, you can take out an extra mortgage of €24.000, which will be kept in a deposit.

Apply for a personal loan

You don't have to pay brokerage and notary fees when you take a personal ( consumer) loan. The downside is that you can borrow a lower amount and pay a higher interest rate. Get in touch with us to check which option suits your financial situation the best.

  • Solar panels easily generate sustainable energy and reduce energy costs. A roof that faces south is not always necessary, and tops with an east or west orientation also work well.

  • A hybrid heat pump uses energy to extract heat from the outside air, allowing you to heat your home energy-efficiently.

  • When using insulated HR++ windows the heat remains within the house, which helps you conserve energy and improves the comfort of your home.

  • Insulate façade, roof or floor. Your energy costs drop while your level of comfort rises.

  • WWHR Shower System (Waste Water Heat Recovery), the heat from the shower water going out is used to warm the cold water. Beneficial to the environment and your energy costs.

  • A biomass boiler burns "biomass fuels" (wood pellets, chips, or logs), and it heats your house and provides hot water for the kitchen and shower.

The Mister Mortgage team works with sustainable mortgage lenders. We analyze your situation and select the best choice that fits your financial situation.

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