2 November 2022
How To Sell Your Home Faster And Better Priced?
Egle Kemezyte
Growth Marketer

Want to sell your home faster and for a better price? Here's a tip: make your home more energy-efficient before putting it up for sale.

Energy labels have become a hot topic nowadays. As the mortgage rates begin to increase again and energy prices rise, buyers pay closer attention to the energy label of potential homes to keep housing costs affordable.

How does your energy label impact your home's price?

According to the most recent study, the difference between selling a home with a low or high-energy label has significantly increased. For example, houses with the energy label 'C' are, on average, 11.6% higher than a house with the energy label G.

Results in a price difference of around € 50,000 between properties with different energy labels.

Low energy label = less attractive

Properties with lower energy labels are less attractive to buyers and take longer to sell. According to NVM, in the third quarter of this year, improving your home from an energy label C to an energy label A generated a 7.1% higher appreciation. Besides, sustainable homes are also more likely to sell quicker for more than the asking price.

How to read energy labels?

The energy efficiency of a home depends on the energy label—the higher the label, the better the house's insulation. Energy efficiency classes range from class A (economic) to G (inefficient).

A deficient energy consumption.
B low energy consumption.
C relatively low energy consumption.
D average energy consumption.
E relatively high energy consumption.
F high energy consumption.
G very high energy consumption.

How to improve your energy label?

You can easily upgrade energy labels from C to B by installing dormer windows or solar panels.

Other ways to improve the energy label of your home: 

  • new windows

  • flooring

  • cavity wall insulation

  • solar panels

  • hybrid heat pumps

  • Apply for a second mortgage.

  • Increase your current mortgage.

  • Take out a private loan for renovation.

  • Invest your savings.

How we can help you?

Get in touch with our mortgage specialist to learn more about your possibilities for improving your energy label. We analyze your finances to determine the most beneficial way to finance your energy label improvements.

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