What benefits does a mortgage certificate offer you?

In the Netherlands, pre-approval does not exist, but you can get a mortgage letter showing you can afford a mortgage based on your gross salary, bonuses, holiday pay, and any loans or debts you might have.

This helps a lot when you're ready to make an offer on the house, as it proves to the seller that you can really afford the mortgage. It gives you a better chance of getting your bid accepted, especially if others are interested too. So, having this bid certificate from our mortgage advisor when making an offer is a good idea. It saves you time and stress.

How to get a mortgage certificate?

At Mister Mortgage, we offer mortgage certificates for international individuals seeking to purchase a house in the Netherlands. When you select us, you'll receive a letter confirming your mortgage affordability and gain access to our trusted network. After a call with our mortgage specialist, we'll direct you to our digital portal, where you can conveniently upload the necessary documents to obtain your certificate. Contact our mortgage specialist to learn more about certificate conditions and mortgage requirements.

Act smart, be a winner

Schedule a call with our mortgage advisors to request a mortgage certificate.

  • Mortgage certificate proves housing affordability

  • Get insight into savings needed to get a mortgage

  • Get to know how your monthly payments will look.

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